Sex doll maker creates replicas of dead partners to combat loneliness: ‘I’m providing comfort’

A sex doll business owner offers a special bereavement service for those suffering from loneliness, whereby she’ll create a replica of their dead partner.

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Sex doll rental company will make a replica of your dead lover

A mom is offering one of the UK’s first sex doll rental services and offers to make bespoke dolls for those seeking comfort after losing a partner by matching their likeness…

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Woman who owns sex doll rental firm says ‘it’s a very messy business’

A new Channel 5 documentary, Me and My Sex Doll: The Sex Business, which airs tonight, focuses on the very unusual business idea of mum-of-four Jade Stanley

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Sex doll replicas of lost loved ones and famous porn stars for sale in new bespoke service

Mum-of-four Jade Stanley is one of the UK’s leading sex doll retailers and creates incredibly detailed products to fit her clients’ wildest desires.

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Mother who runs a sex doll business reveals customers’ VERY exacting requests – from creating replicas of pornstars to horror film character lookalikes

A mother-of-four who runs a booming sex doll rental service claims it will soon be completely ‘normal’ for people to own one of her plastic creations.

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