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Fruity femme fatale
Whilst wearing my red bottomed heels I can show you the ways of the world, have your wicked way with me and treat me like the sinner that I am, with a wild side, dark sexual fantasies are my main priority to fulfil for you. The arousal of all senses will be peaked with me, my favourite perfume opium wont last as long as the memory of the sexual pleasure I will give you.

J cup
Shoe size: 2
Height – 165cm // 5ft 5 inches
Bust – 88cm // 34 ½ inches
Hips – 88cm // 34 ½ inches
Waist – 55cm // 21 ½ inches
Vaginal//Anal depth: 17 cm//6.75 inches
Oral Depth: 12 cm//4.7 inches