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Trent is an outdoor lover, a fun-loving man with a lot of energy. Can you be the partner to unleash all of Trent's potential? He is looking for a long term partner to enjoy life with, he will be the most loyal companion you will ever have. Trent can fill any hole you have in your life.

Height (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm) Feet (cm) Penis size (cm) Oral Depth (cm) Anal Depth (cm) Packing Size (cm)
165 63 93 21 18/4.5 13 16 156 x 42 x 30

Why choose Sex Doll official?

Our sex dolls are the best quality dolls currently available on the market due to the superior TPE silicone mix material that they are fabricated from. Our precious sex dolls are smooth & sensual to the touch, totally realistic with soft curves in all the right places. All our dolls are expertly hand finished by professional makeup artists who provide that lusted for elegance. Our entire range is fully flexible and extremely durable due to the high-grade material, to create a sublime odourless and none greasy love product.
  • Highest grade TPE material
  • Expertly crafted and hand finished by professional makeup artists
  • Durable and flexible
  • Smooth & soft realistic and life like to the touch
  • Market leader
  • None greasy
  • TPE & silicone mix